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Simply divine.

Yes, you can simply divine the meaning of the Oblique Strategy cards by taking a look at the most comprehensive guide that we know of, at Gregory Taylor's wonderful dedicated Oblique Strategies site. Gregory has the complete text of editions 1-4 of the cards, scans, descriptions, history and commentary.

In a chat with garageband.com in September 02000, Brian said: "I still like Oblique Strategies, and I still keep adding to them. And I am planning soon to publish the fifth version of them." It came to pass that a mere 15 months later the Fifth Edition of the Oblique Strategies was unleashed upon an expectant world and made available for purchase direct from Opal at Enoshop, and also Rough Trade and Britart.com. EnoWeb has more information on this dedicated page.

Editions 1-4 of the Oblique Strategies decks frequently appear at auction at places such as eBay. Prices are generally ridiculous (for buyers) and strangely pleasing (for sellers), at least $200 and sometimes as high as $1500+ at time of writing, which is 10 o'clock. I mean 1st December 02001.

Here at EnoWeb we are pleased to bring you David Ray's on-line javascript-based Oblique Strategies chooser.

oblique strategies on the web

Now you see them, now you don't. People put up interactive Web pages that display randomly-drawn Oblique Strategy texts. We put links to their sites on our nice EnoWeb. Then they mysteriously disappear. Of the trillions that we once linked to, only two now remain.

Bryan Lewellen has a jolly fetching Shockwave version of the cards here
Wallace's page has a Javascript version.
There were descriptions and photographs of Peter Norton's 4th Edition at Neutreno but that's offline at the moment
Dima Kanashenko found a site that turns Oblique Strategies into random haikus
Pinche has a Flash version of Edition 4
Jenny Thomas has a Flash 5 version
Matthew Davidson has a PDF version for printing onto card stock

text versions of the cards

Oh look, Malcolm's left me a note scrawled on a piece of card ripped from a pizza box: "Not sure what the differences in these are: two of them appear to be identical. These files reside in the Eno Nerve-Net list ftp archives". Thanks.

wap versions of the cards

OVOS' Oblique Strategies WAPsite allows anyone with a WAP-enabled device (e.g. mobile phone, PDA) to have access to an Oblique Strategies deck wherever they are in the world. There are many features including a User Guide, an interview with Eno about the Strategies - and a new random card can be 'drawn' with just a double-click. There are currently 134 cards in the 'virtual deck' on our WAPsite, an amalgamation of the 3 different editions that appeared in the 70's. OVOS' Oblique Strategies WAPsite can be viewed using any WAP-enabled device at wappy.to/ovos.


That's software versions of the Oblique Strategies to you and me.

A review of Obliqueware for the credulous
ObliqueStrategies.hqx: a Mac OS hyperstack
oblique.zip: Oblique Strategies for Microsoft Windows
obliqu95.zip: Oblique Strategies for Windows 95 by Marc St-Jacques
Oblique Strategies for the Mac by Paul Cezanne -- reads your card out loud!

Text by Tom Boon, mutilated from the original by Malcolm Humes.
This page was updated on 9th June 02002.