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: updated 18th January 02017 :


Thanks to Dario, John, Nenad Georgievski, Alex, and EnoWeb's own newsbot Tom Boon for these news links in no particular order.

Brian's new album Reflection was released on 1st January as a CD, LP, digital download and Apple app, accompanied by a small snowmaggedon of publicity. The app has just been updated with improvements including a sleep timer and new colours.

A few reviews.

Although he has not been seen in public for several years because he is conserving his energies for the coming battles against our enemies, Chairman Eno has issued a new year message to motivate the fortunate citizens of Enoland and ensure another year of record-breaking productivity in our lucky and blissful nation. Workers unite!

This year's Edge.org question is "What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known?" Brian's response makes real sense, and at EnoWeb we couldn't help nodding vigorously in agreement at something that is so much in accordance with our own opinions.

"At this time, you could think of me as a Syllannibal: someone who eats their own words." Several years ago, about 20 minutes of extracts from the recording sessions for David Bowie's album 1.Outside escaped – but when some miscreants started selling them on eBay, the bootlegger stopped leaking... although from what we understand, he compiled a CD-R of longer pieces for a few trusted contacts in the Bowie fan community. We thought that the low-res MP3 extracts were all we would ever hear of this material, but it appears that during 2016 Bowie fans merrily started trading copies of the CD-R recording under the title The Leon Suites. It consists of over an hour of alternative takes and previously unheard creativity: music, wordplay, fun, chaos, darkness, dystopia, and characters old and new, as Bowie plays his Eno-ordained role of Griot. There's even a shout-out for one of Brian's albums: "I think we're stuck in a web. A sort of... Nerve Net." Unlike Windows 95, this doesn't sound anything like 22 years old.

Brian's work with The Gift continues with the release of the new track "Clinic Hope".

It's 40 years since Low was released.

Lunch with Laurie Anderson.

Other news sources

Radiocitizen's Dark Shark Facebook Page. EnoWeb has been the sole updater of that page since late January 2014 owing to a problem; while we always hoped normal service would be restored soon, it didn't happen -- so there are fewer updated than in yesteryear and days of yore. There is also a Brian Eno Facebook Group which may need an invitation to join.

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