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: updated 07th April 02014 :


"Daddy's Car", the second track from the forthcoming Eno • Hyde collaboration Someday World, is now available to pre-orderers and streamable.

Two Fripp & Eno LPs from the 1970s are to be re-released on
a) vinyl
b) 14th April

Our previous update was on 06th April when we wrote:

"Daddy's Car", a new track from the forthcoming Eno Hyde album Someday World, has been played on the wireless. Mustard The Tortoise felt that the introduction reminded him of the theme from OutRun for some reason (he likes OutRun). We couldn't hear it ourselves. Marc Riley says he believes that the pair will play a session for a future edition of Lauren Laverne's programme.

Michael Engelbrecht -- music journalist and longtime friend of Brian Eno (EnoWeb visitors may recall his knack for getting highly detailed responses from Brian 24 years ago and Rick Holland just 3 years past, but we digress) -- was in London recently and more by accident than design ended up interviewing Brian and Karl Hyde... and listening to them performing in the studio. The resulting interview will appear on 1st May on Manafonistas.de, the eclectic music blog for which Michael writes, and on 26th April he will also include some tracks from the album on his Deutschlandfunk show Klanghorizonte which runs from 4:05 to 5:00 (German time) on Saturday mornings. This is not part of Warp's promotional activities, so it's an extra treat for us.

Some watermarked images from the opening of 77 Million Paintings in Madrid. Also for Spanish speakers, there's a podcast with simultaneous Spanish translation of Brian talking (he's in the background and occasionally foreground but probably not enough to avoid frustration for those of us Spanishly challenged).

FACT Magazine reviews "The Satellites" and its critics are cross.

A Record Store Day LP (19th April) of the Africa Express album Maison Des Jeunes includes a bonus track of Tiemoko Sogodogo's "Man Nyale Totebereye" produced by Brian. This will be more widely available on CD and digital on 21st April.

Damon Albarn's track "Heavy Seas Of Love", which includes vocals from Brian, is now available without audio watermarking. Two tracks from Owen Pallett's album In Conflict with involvement from Brian are also available as videos.

We think we forgot to post this 1987 archive article by Rick Poynor last year.

Brian selected some books for the Long Now's Manual for Civilisation. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

Laraaji is playing in London on 5th June. (Thanks to Dominic Norman-Taylor.)

Our previous update was on 25th February when we wrote:

Someday WorldWarp Records has announced a new album from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. Someday World will be released on 5th May (6th May in North America) and is already up for pre-ordering. It includes "nine songs composed and sung by Eno & Hyde together with a distinguished cast of musicians, including Tessa Angus, Nell Catchpole, Marianna Champion, Will Champion, Kasia Daszykowska, Don E., Darla Eno, Georgia Gibson, Andy Mackay, John Reynolds and Chris Vatalaro."

The track listing is:

1.  The Satellites
2.  Daddy’s Car
3.  A Man Wakes Up
4.  Witness
5.  Strip It Down
6.  Mother Of A Dog
7.  Who Rings The Bell
8.  When I Built This World
9.  To Us All

A special edition CD with casebound book & slipcase will also be available with four additional tracks. Unusually for this special edition malarkey, it's only £5 more than the standard version:

1. Big Band Song
2. Brazil 3
3. Celebration
4. Titian Bekh

Underworld is currently slightly more expensive than Bleep & EnoShop. Pre-orders from Underworld, Enoshop, Bleep and iTunes include 2 album tracks delivered to you (in MP3 format) pre release of the album, the first of which will be available from 4th March 2014.

On January 21st 02014 Brian talked to Danny Hillis in a talk entitled The Long Now, now, moderated by Stewart Brand. The audience was given a preview of the final track from the new album before the discussion got going. It is not included in audio of the event, but Brian does talk about it.

77MPThe latest version of 77 Million Paintings is still running at Sala de Exposiciones Alcala 31 -- Calle de Alcala 31, 28014 Madrid, until Sunday 30th March 2014.

Red Bull Music Academy has released a free digital film called What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music -- which includes talks with Brian and other musicians. Entertainment Weekly has some off-cuts of Brian that didn't make the final film.

Brian will pop up on two other albums this year: Owen Pallett's forthcoming album In Conflict will include vocals, synth and guitar contributions from Brian, and he sings on the track "Heavy Seas of Love" to be included on Albarn's forthcoming album Everyday Robots (28th April). And back in September last year, J. Peter Schwalm released Wagner Transformed to which Brian contributed.

Brian is the NOISE Festival 2014's Curator for Music and Arts. Anyone can take part, as it is a digital thang.

Harold Budd news: Jane 1-11 is now a CD & DVD set, with films for each track by Jane Maru.

Kevin Eden points out that in January Robert Fripp spoke of forthcoming Fripp & Eno releases.

All About Jazz reviews Christopher Scoates' book Brian Eno: Visual Music. (Thanks to Nenad.)

Also on the cards is what the Warp-driven All Saints Records describes as "Epic 3 disc version of [Jon Hassell's] City: Works Of Fiction coming in the next couple of months ft. Eno-mixed live concert."

Video/Audio time.

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