: Drawn From Life :

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Like Pictures

Some things
Are just pictures
They're scenes
Before your eyes

Don't look now
I'm right behind you

Some things
Are just pictures
Don't look, knock
I'm right behind you
Behind you


In tensions
All intentions
When we mentioned
Growing tenser
When we mentioned
And denser
More dimensioned

More dimensioned
Ever denser
More inventioned
Less reflection
All reflected
More intensely
All intentions
All inventions

More Dust

More dust
More skin
More dry
More thin

In time
In air
More ????

Two Voices

Two voices:
The one small
Just a ten per cent,
The other long and full
And capable of huge movement
An all-terrain voice

"Sweet dreams, baby"
Says the little voice
And snuggles me to its breast

"Thank you" booms mine
All inappropriate
And blind to the moment,
Blind to the moment



These are transcriptions from the CD and are not "official" versions. Particularly where Brian has chosen to mumble or manipulate his voice, these lyrics may include mis-hearings, inaccuracies and/or homophones (e.g. "in tensions" may be "intentions", "ever denser" may be "evidencer" etc). We can't be bothered to transcribe the speech on "Bloom" and other lyrics are vocodered to oblivion.

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